How Does Wait Time Work?

So, how does Wait Time provide accurate and up-to-date ER, urgent care, salon, and restaurant wait times? Many of our wait times are regularly updated by customers, and the businesses and organisations that appear in our lists participate as well. That means that you have access to detailed, accurate, and frequently updated wait data for your favourite restaurants and salons.

Putting in a search for the “best emergency room near me” in order to gain as much information as possible in a tense situation? Our app provides accurate information for wait times at emergency rooms and urgent care centers that are closest to you, so you can get in, get taken care of, and get out.

Try It Now

Don’t waste time or miss an appointment again by waiting in line too long! Wait Time allows you to plan your day with unprecedented detail and efficiency by providing detailed and up-to-date emergency room, salon, and restaurant wait times. Wait Time is easy to use and provides you with the information you need fast for effective scheduling and decision-making.

Have any questions about Wait Time? Send us an email at and our support team will get back to you. Try our service now, and get the most out of your day with Wait Time!