Tips to Attract And Retain More Customers to Boost Sales

Attracting clients and creating long-term relationships is one of the most acceptable ways to survive and thrive in the restaurant business for ages. Understanding client demands and desires is critical to achieving this.

Customers are always willing to continue purchasing or dining at restaurants with excellent knowledge of their demands and desires. A pleasant customer experience attracts and retains more consumers, regardless of the value of your service or the cost of your meals.

As a result, having excellent strategies to attract and keep consumers is a vital part of any business’s marketing plan, which will assist you in determining how to increase restaurant sales.

With that said, this post will look at numerous methods and strategies for attracting and retaining clients to increase revenue. But first, consider some marketing activities you may engage in to improve your restaurant’s total sales. Let’s get started.

What marketing activities can you do to attract and keep consumers in your restaurant?

Restaurant owners employ marketing activities as a strategy to promote their establishment and increase brand awareness, revenues, and connections with customers. You can use the following marketing strategies to determine how to increase restaurant sales:

Perform market research

Conduct thorough market research to better grasp the kind of food and drinks your clients want and additional services. It entails surveying and speaking with your customers to learn about their food and beverage preferences and any difficulties they may be experiencing at your company.

how to increase customer sales

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By doing so, you will be able to discover your visitors’ requirements and desires, making it easier for you to determine the best ways to serve them to their satisfaction. You will also be able to locate platforms through which you may market your menu items to attract more clients to your restaurant.

Customer segmentation

After you’ve determined your ideal consumers, their needs and desires, and how you can reach them, you may segment them based on their needs and wishes.

Segmenting your consumers allows you to make more special meals for each client based on the seasons, time of day, or interests, resulting in a strong bond and trust between you and your customers.

Improve the consumer experience

Customers leave happy and eager to return for more when they enter your restaurant. Ensure they receive their correct orders on time; this will encourage clients to dine at your establishment again, increasing their loyalty to your company.

You may also strive to encourage consumers to submit feedback and adopt initiatives to address areas for improvement identified by customers. Customers will feel appreciated and motivated to return to your restaurant if you listen to their input and address the concerns they mention.

Target high bounce rates customers

If your restaurant has a website, look over your website statistics to see who visits your pages as potential or current customers. Contact them personally if they left their contact information to resolve any issues or their experience at your business.

Send out newsletters

Distributing newsletters and conducting email campaigns may be an efficient approach to reaching out to and communicating with various types of potential and present clients. You may send them a large amount of information about your restaurants, unique discounts, or an update on new menu items.

Create an efficient pricing system

Try to set prices for your meals that are comparable to those of your rivals while maximizing profit. Consider reviewing the worth of various goods on your menu as well as the prices of your competitors.

This will give you a better sense of what a realistic price to ask for in exchange for the satisfaction the food will provide above others. Then, communicate its one-of-a-kind value proposition. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and obtain an advantage over your clients.

When is the appropriate time to focus on attracting and retaining customers?

Whether you should focus more on attracting and retaining customers depends heavily on business location over its lifestyle. The strategies you choose to use at your restaurant will rely heavily on whether you are new in business or have been in operation for many years.

Here are the different stages of your business growth in attracting and retaining customers:


After you’ve established your restaurant and started producing money, the next step is to focus on recruiting and gaining clients. Concentrate on techniques and approaches that can assist you in expanding your consumer base.


Now you have customers and get your first but sporadic sales. Using various tools and methods, you can start introducing retention factors that encourage customers to buy more at this stage.

You can start retention email campaigns to encourage your past customers to dine at your restaurant again by offering them special discounts or attractive privileges.


At this stage, your main focus is to raise brand sales. This is the point you should incorporate more retention rates with your attraction efforts. Start referral and loyalty programs and be serious with market automation.


Now you have established your restaurant business, but the problem is how to increase restaurant sales. Focus on customer retention strategies to make customers buy more often, which increases their long-term value. Be more severe at this stage by considering your retention efforts.

Operating smoothly

At this stage, your restaurant has overcome the initial difficulties. Your restaurant has had great initial success and a vast and linking customer base. It’s time to focus heavily on customer retention strategies, especially putting more time into utilizing the customers’ experience with your post-sales activity. 

What strategies attract and retain customers to your restaurant to boost sales?

You have now seen many stages to attract and maintain consumers as your restaurant expands to earn more sales. But what should you do to attract and retain these customers?

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Here are some ways to attract and retain consumers that might help how to increase restaurant sales:

Invest in delivering excellence

How you make your consumers feel when they visit your restaurant will always decide how successfully your cuisine can promote itself. Quality service frequently speaks for itself. You will never maintain consumers at your restaurant if your marketing and recruiting customers are poor.

Understand your target customers

It is challenging to offer clients cuisines or other restaurant services if you do not know what would pique their interest in what you are providing. Knowing your target customers will assist you in determining how to increase restaurant sales.

To turn a stranger into a customer, you must first study the stranger, learning what makes them happy and what bothers them. This will assist you in determining the sort of consumer you require.

You may achieve this by asking questions, conducting surveys, and monitoring your clients. You may then adapt your offerings to your target consumer base.

Create communities

Making people feel like they are part of a community is a guaranteed method to gain new consumers and keep them coming back. This exclusivity retains existing clients and inspires new customers to join the group.

A community may also advise you on how to increase restaurant sales by marketing your brand. This allows your restaurant to connect with people that have similar views.

Create and optimize your restaurant’s website

If your restaurant is not online, you lose many clients and money. And remember, no one wants to throw money away. However, launching a website does not indicate that all problems are gone.

Setting up social media accounts and free websites are great places to start since they help you to reach out to more clients in this day and age when so many people are online. Improving your website may also increase your chances of gaining new consumers.

Make discounts and promotions available

Customers are more likely to stay if you offer them discounts and other incentives. Deals and promos help your clients feel valued, which makes them feel good and creates a good association with your business.

New consumers are more likely to select your restaurant over your competitors, giving you an advantage in the market. As a result, offering discounts to your consumers is a superior strategy on how to increase restaurant sales. However, to avoid losses, you should be cautious about managing your promotions and discounts.

Participate in community activities

Participating in a community event is one strategy to bring new clients to your restaurant company and enhance restaurant revenue. Many people like to support local and independent companies, so participate in charity events and organizations to build your profile in the neighborhood.

You may create a local tournament, provide minor league team equipment, or support a neighborhood fun run. All of this will increase your visibility, which will help you attract new consumers and how to increase restaurant sales.

Collaborate with comparable firms

Your restaurant can collaborate with businesses with a similar consumer base but aren’t immediately competing and develop tactics for marketing each other’s customers. This will assist in driving new business strategies to attract new clients while not spending a fortune.

For example, while you may be operating your restaurant in a specific location, you may collaborate with individuals using a food truck company, establishing a terrific strategy to improve restaurant sales.


Meeting new people and sharing with them about what you do and provide at your restaurant is a better method to boost restaurant awareness. Join your local chambers of business and networking organizations, or attend Meetup events for networking.

Promote your knowledge

Showcasing your restaurant expertise will help you generate attention and create a buzz, attracting new customers and increasing restaurant sales with your current client base.

Giving seminars to groups of your target customer members or having an educational session with your restaurant’s staff positively impacts possible new customers.

Bring a buddy method

Offer discounts to loyal clients who can refer their friends and colleagues to your restaurant, and you will be able to attract additional consumers. This concept is similar to the referral; however, it simply requires client engagement.

Request for referrals

Including referral-generating activities in the sales process is one approach on how to increase restaurant sales while retaining and attracting new customers. Send follow-up emails to ensure that clients are satisfied with their eating experience, and then follow up with another email asking for referrals. If the sale price justifies it, consider adding incentives.

Boost your client support system

Maintaining a solid communication route between you and your present clients is critical. By allowing your restaurant employees to speak correctly with your customers, the support system will help you interact successfully with them and offer them the correct degree of assistance before and after the transaction.

Live chat capabilities on your restaurant’s website or help desk may convert client inquiries into purchases or customer complaints into solutions. Practical addressing concerns or difficulties often transforms a dissatisfied consumer into a recurring customer.

Increase consumer trust

Gaining your customers’ trust will help keep them since they will be more happy and likely to be loyal in the long term. You may build their trust by being truthful and honoring your promises. If you promise them anything, you better follow through.

Another strategy to gain their trust is to be flexible and exhibit good intentions. As they say, the customer is always right, so give in and see what you can do to work with them, and never give your client the impression that your restaurant is taking advantage of them to prevent losing their faith in your business.

What are the tips on how to increase restaurant sales?

Aside from attracting and retaining customers at your restaurant, here are other ideas on how to increase restaurant sales:

Menu engineering

This refers to the practice of using menu psychology to boost restaurant sales. You may use basic menu designs to entice your consumers to purchase additional food items.

For example, you may position photographs of your most costly cuisine at the top of your menu; this will help them stick in your client’s thoughts, prompting them to make a purchase and increasing your restaurant sales.

Make use of an online ordering system

Online food ordering is vital in the restaurant sector since it is simple to use and deploy, creating a win-win situation for you and your clients, as consumers can make orders in seconds.

As a restaurateur, you can view and get alerts for all orders placed by your customers, ensuring that there are no lost orders, misunderstandings, or excessive wait times to receive orders at your restaurant.

Offer instant table reservation system

No one likes waiting, especially on an empty stomach, so scheduling a table might be an unpleasant experience for your customers. People avoid it and walk to your restaurant, expecting to find an available table.

Instead of waiting in line or asking to reserve a seat, the fast table reservation system will allow customers to check the availability of your restaurant tables and make reservations.

<h3>Make sure your website has a high Google ranking.<h3>

Since each restaurant serves a unique cuisine, employ SEO to help rank your website on Google. In this case, use the cuisine names as keywords and incorporate them into your website’s content.

When your customers search for those terms on Google, they frequently order from the first restaurants that appear in the search results. And you must be present to discover how to increase restaurant sales.

Create a QR code restaurant menu

Implementing a QR code menu for dine-in is a simple way to speed up the dining experience, enhance table turnover, and allow you to serve more clients without interruptions. Customers only need to scan the QR code, peruse your menu, and make their order without dealing with the wait staff.

Make it a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience

With so many other restaurants serving the same cuisine at reasonable pricing, you are in a competitive atmosphere, yet, what makes you stand out will define your future in the industry.

Giving your guests a one-of-a-kind experience builds pleasant memories that motivate consumers to return frequently. For example, you may engage a live band to perform at your restaurant to put your customers in a happy mood while they dine.

Why is retaining customers so important?

Customer retention is critical and evident since it reduces the cost of acquiring new consumers and helps to increase revenue efficiency, among other benefits. Some of the reasons why businesses must retain clients are as follows:

Reduces marketing expenditures

Maintaining a connection with an existing client is less expensive than obtaining a new one. It includes the expenses of brand awareness, product trust, and developing a marketing funnel, among other things.

As a result, keeping your present clients may help you save money on promotion, time, and effort to persuade new consumers to buy from you.

Increase the pace of buying decision-making

Compared to clients who have never interacted with your restaurant, customers will come to trust and believe in your menu items, improving the possibility that they will revisit your facility.

Enhance your restaurant cuisine and services

You may improve your offering rates and product satisfaction by listening to customer feedback. Is your customer service satisfactory? Was your product up to their expectations? Is it a worthwhile investment? Customers that have purchased your products will offer you the most accurate and detailed response.

Increased profit margins

Compared to selling to a new client, selling to current customers is less concerned with pricing strategy since they have previously accepted your price from prior transactions.

And because your current customers already trust you, it’s easier to persuade them to buy more of your product or service through cross-selling and upselling.

Increase recommendations and client loyalty

Most new customers are more inclined to believe a testimonial than your sales presentation. Loyal customers are more likely to act as references, have positive channel word of mouth, and contribute to new acquisitions.

Experiment safely with customers

You can attempt new things since your present clients trust you and your goods. The trust allows you to experiment with new items or services that clients are more willing to test immediately.

Create better things in less time

Customers that return help you identify what works and doesn’t with your menu items or restaurant service. This will provide information into your product development and refinement to ensure you hit all elements. You can question your clients at many touchpoints to obtain a complete picture.

Encourage long-term corporate growth

Retaining consumers helps reduce expenses and increase profit, contributing significantly to long-term restaurant success. Investing in client retention techniques also aids in growing customer lifetime value; the longer they remain loyal, the more they are likely to spend, encouraging the growth of your restaurant.

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs

If you have them, you have historical information about your frequent customers, including what they have eaten at your restaurant and the full scope of their purchases. You might use these facts to help you decide on a company strategy.

Such customer information might be used to study and anticipate your business’s general purchasing patterns, weak points, and development opportunities.


The key on how to increase restaurant sales is putting yourself in your guest’s shoes. Simply by simplifying things for them, they will prefer your restaurant over the others. As a result, applying the tactics mentioned earlier will allow you to attract more new clients while also retaining current ones, increasing your income.